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Looking for Holiday scent favorites but don't know which ones and where to purchase? Then I have the perfect Guide for you!

I know it's a bit cliché to suggest that Ulta Beauty is the "end all, be all" for Holiday themed toiletries, but THEY TRULY ARE!

Growing up, I always looked forward to my mom bringing home lotions, body washes, oils, shampoos, and more that were themed to every time of the year. But Ulta really out does themselves when it comes to sourcing the right brands with the most powerful scents to bring that Holiday magic into your home.

Here are some of my favorite brands and scents for this Holiday season:

Hempz - This brand has always been a particular favorite of mine, however, their 2021 Christmas themed scents have literally blown me away!

I've never been a fan of apple cinnamon or peppermint smells when it comes to lotion, however, these are the two scents I am OBSESSED with!

The Apple Cinnamon Shortbread lotion is my go to. I have it sitting on my desk so I can use it everyday when I work. It's the perfect way to start my work mornings.

The Peppermint Vanilla Swirl is my next favorite. This I have sitting next to my kitchen sink so I can use it every time, after I wash my hands (which I tend to do a lot, especially with Covid right now). The bottle is such a cute design with the red ribbon tied around with 3 jingle bells. My cats sure love the sound every time they jingle when I pump lotion into my hand!

(they are currently sold out of the lotion, but here is the hand soap above!)

Who doesn't love a long, hot bath in December?! My baths sure have elevated with this 3 in 1 Vanilla Frosting Glacage from Whim by Ulta. NO JOKE - it smells EXACTLY like vanilla frosting from the grocery store!! It's seriously unbelievable!

Every time I use it, I feel like I'm lathering up in vanilla cupcakes (which makes me sooo hungry lol). The 3 in 1 means it can be used as a body wash, a shampoo, and a bubble bath (my favorite!).

To top off my shower or bath routine, I've been using a body oil. Now, this is a new routine I've incorporated, mainly because putting lotion all over my body every day is exhausting and, frankly, I don't have time for it.

My solution? Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon Bath and Body Oil by Hempz. I know this is technically not a "Holiday" scent, but it was too good to not include because it's in my Holiday Season daily routine.

Instead of using it in my bath or using lotion to help keep my skin soft and silky, I spread small amounts (a little goes a long way with this product) all over my still wet body and let it dry for about 5 minuets. Then, I gently dab my skin to soak up the access oil. You may think this is defeating the purpose, however, too oily of skin can cause break outs and ruin clothes. That's why I put it on while wet so it can absorb what I need and I can clean off the extra I don't need.

The best part about buying these products through Ulta is they have a great deal where they will send you a FULL SIZE lotion for FREE with Hempz products you purchase if you are a Diamond member.

If you are not a member or not a Diamond status, no worries! Ulta has a current buy one get one 50% OFF deal!!!

In conclusion, Ulta Beauty is the place to shop for yourself or for your Holiday beauty gifts! Don't wait, get to pampering yourself and others this Holiday Season with these great recommendations!

Merry Christmas Shopping!

- Mary Rose Maher


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