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Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Looking for the perfect Holiday date night? Look no further than Downtown Detroit!

Downtown Detroit has come a long way from when I remember as a kid visiting during the holidays. But after living for the past 5 years down here, I can truly say that every year gets BIGGER and BETTER!

From Ice Skating to Coffee to the BEST shopping, Campus Martius is my favorite Holiday Date Night option for friends, family, or that special person in your life.

I love the smell of candy and coffee, the sound of Christmas Carols, and the bustle of people shopping for Holiday gifts. It makes Winter nights feel magical and like the big city Detroit is!

The outdoor Winter Markets are my go-to for shopping before the department stores because they look like Elf/Santa huts covered in Christmas decor and glass walls. I actually worked in one the FIRST year they opened downtown. I FROZE my little fingers off, but the experience was priceless and the happiness it brought to shoppers, unmatched.

I suggest you visit the Cadillac Lodge for adult beverages and Hot Cider to go! The lounge area located inside is cozy and warm. Perfect for that Instagram shot!

If you are a coffee lover, visit the Roasting Plant and try their Holiday flavors! The inside is worth the experience even if you are not a coffee fan. It features large roasters showcasing all the different types and colors of coffee beans. The smell is HEAVEN!

Grand Trunk Pub boasts the best Fish n Chips downtown. It once was an old Train Station and still features the 2 story architecture classic to the 1800s. They also feature the best Beer of Detroit with a cute outdoor seating area across from the Woodward median that is decorated with Christmas wreath archways and more lights. The smell of the Pine is also HEAVEN!

Don't forget to end your night renting Ice Skates! Located under the Christmas Tree, the Ice Skating rink is jamming to Carols. Everyone is skating and dancing! Even if you are not a skater (I defiantly am not! lol), it's worth just watching from the sidelines. You'll find incredible figure skaters that love to give the bystanders a show.

In short... Downtown Detroit has grown up and is rivaling Rockefeller Center for the best Holiday experience. Make sure to give Detroit a chance when planing your Holiday getaway!

I hope to see you there! :)

- Mary Rose Maher


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